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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  September 3, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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hi, i'm beth and we have great videos "right this minute." cops wrestle a driver to the ground after he took a little something and put it in his mouth. see what happens that had him staring down the e. of a taser. a bunch of guys are out for a motorcycle ride -- >> and something pops out. >> how a whiteout caused a wipeout. who are you going to call when you discover there's a kitten stuck in my drainpipe? see the clever thing that did them going -- plus, wigs made out of water and a dangerous game with great balls of fire. it's like dance, dance revolution with flames. >> no.
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our first video is dash cam footage from a utah highway patrol car. >> spit it out! >> you can see this one trooper punching over and over and over again. the taser in this incident was even used twice, according to reports. now, the man who was being detained by police is todd may. he's 48 years old. now, according to police, may was pulled over for a traffic violation. during that stop, a woman who was with may told troopers that may had methamphetamines in his possession. in the beginning of the video, everything seems calm, they seem to be complying, things seem to be going normally, but watch this. >> put them up for me. spit it out. >> he pulls something out of his shoe and put it in his mouth? >> yes, that's exactly what he did. he did the met fehamphetamines, according to police, in a baggie in his shoe, and he put it in his mouth. according to may, he suffers from narcolepsy, and he says that these methamphetamines were
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prescription methamphetamines used to treat his narcolepsy. >> if he had a prescription, then why try and hide it from police? >> well, according to may, he says he knows now that he did the wrong thing, but he now is suing troopers for excessive force for $250,000 in federal court, and that's why we're seeing this video now. now, the trooperesponsible for the punche that whitehead. we contacted the utah highway patrol. he is currently still on duty. may was arrested, but charges are still pending. . ♪ >> beth, this is one of my worst nightmares. i ride a motorcycle. these guys are out on a nice cruise in the evening in texas, going 65, 70 miles per hour. the speed limit is 70 in this area. a group of guys up ahead.
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something pops out all over the road. >> oh, my god, no! >> oh! oh! oh! >> i know. it's hard to watch. it was just some styrofoam that fell out of a truck up ahead. it caused two riders to fall. a couple of the guys jammed the brakes, spin around. you see traffic completely stopped behind this incident. riders and other passersby helping out the few guys that fell. >> where's the other guy? >> what was it, styrofoam? >> just some styrofoam, yes. >> six bassinets of down, are you kidding? if you've got that in the back of your truck, have it roped or at least have some heavy concrete blocks on it or something. >> thankfully, both riders had helmets on, had ballistics jackets on, which have padding on the backs and shoulders and elbows. the guy we see in the end of the video has jeans on, but it looked like rugged shoes as well.
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hopefully, injuries were minor. necessary report to what eventually happened to these guys. >> wow, that is terrifying. >> my god, no! so, the michigan humane society gets a phone call from a detroit homeowner, saying there's a kitten stuck in my drainpipe. so, they turned out to rescue it. >> i took a leash, with some food and stuck it down into the drainpipe, was able to reach him. so, i took part of a towel full of kitten food, but it underneath. the kitten was grabbing it, but wasn't wanting to hold on, so i called for assistance and our department came out to help me out. >> do you know how deep that drainpipe was? >> it seemed to be a foot or two feet down, but in the process, look what they found under the cement block here. >> i noticed on the other side, about maybe five feet away, there was a portion of the foundation with a hole in it, and i see three kittens underneath there. >> so, they found three other cats under there. pe rescued them, took them out. you see them removing the stairs to have easier access to the drain pipe.
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then they start digging it out. >> listen to his little cries! >> all these old houses have these drainpipes, and a lot of them are obsolete now, but they're all open and animals fall down in there. >> one even sticks her hand down there to try to grab them. >> oh, i can't, because i'm stuck right here. >> so, they get one of those grabbers and look what happens. >> wa da dang! >> it's like one of those little grabbers in the arcade game. you just reach down with the grabber and pull out a stuffed kitten. >> rudy, the cat, was retrieved, so all four cats were taken to the michigan humane society detroit center for animal care, and they are now up for adoption. >> yay! >> yay! way to go, humane society. they do some amazing stuff. >> she wants to come out really bad. >> wa na da dang. put on your thinking caps and your investigator eyeglasses and help me figure out what country this is in. >> russia. it's got to be russia. >> of course, it's russia, and the video is titled "russian driving school."
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look at the smooth moves. >> whoa, hang on! >> whoa! >> oh! >> what are the odds of all of this? like, this looks like a choreographed scene, you know? this is a truck coming out, there's traffic in every lane. this car almost hits the truck. he spins out, almost hits the other car. and then there are people with a baby carriage in the crosswalk? >> some damage to the median there with the grass and you just see some dirt on the road, but all is a-okay. >> i do like to believe that this is a studious driver, because i want to picture the student and instructor in the car at that moment, "f" for lane change, "f" for speed control. >> if it was a speed instructor, can you imagine the own wheel on their end. >> that's why it happened, because they were both steering in different directions. this looks terrifying. it's a rescue in dangerous seas. >> it got jolted up. >> it starts with a jolt. see how the rescue ends.
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and a seattle superhero is out fighting crime with a camera. >> but this woman here you see coming on the camera does not like being on camera. >> see what he catches on video [ female announcer ] every day, there's a new reason not to make a home-cooked meal.
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add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. all right, everybody, it's time for another edition of "the best of rtm," where we tell you about bonus videos you can find on our website. you have a great one. >> i do.again. he's got the "twilight" audition tapes that we didn't see, because before our cast was cast, some others have "ace ventura." >> i'm a vampire. >> i have one that is remarkable. nick patera is back, this time he's doing a one-man show of "le "les mes," doing every voice park. it's incredible. he sings "bring him home." ♪ it's incredible. you want to see both videos. head to our website, and click on? >> best of rtm! >> we have another incredible rescue video from the royal
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national life vote institution. this time, they're off the coast of padsdo in the uk, and a couple of the guys were on a weekly training mission and they heard a distress call coming from a yacht close by where they were doing their training. what happened was a yacht with an 80-year-old skipper capsized due to the weather, sending both the skipper and the other sailor into the ocean. the swimmer comes down off the rescue helicopter. this looks terrifying. the swimmer is obviously giving instructions to say, okay, look, we're about to go up. this is about to happen. and he gives the thumbs up, and here they go. >> whoa! both of them. >> wow. they just got jolted up. >> the first video, at least the first video i've seen where you see that initial jerk, lifting up and how you swing out over
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the edge of the boat before you get hoisted out. >> don't want them dangling anywhere near the boat, you know, that's floating up and down. they could hit something and get injured. >> it makes sense, it's just really scary. and also, as they were about to be pulled up, they were struggling to stay on their feet. >> this person that we're seeing rescued, it took them about ten minutes to find him, and he was floating, had floated off to sea. the 80-year-old skipper had found his way back to the boat. the weather had righted the boat that initially had thrown them into the ocean. they took both men to a nearby hospital for treatment, and they're both expected to be fine. ♪ seattle superhero phoenix jones is on patrol again. this is one of his latest videos. he lives in downtown seattle, and here you see him just sort of hanging back, observing what appears to be a drug deal. >> oh, excuse me! >> how are you doing? >> get me off camera --
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[ bleep ]. >> well, then maybe you guys should stop selling drugs out here. stop selling drugs, man. >> ooh. >> wow. >> but this woman you see coming up to the camera does not like being on camera. >> get that mother [ bleep ] camera out of my face! >> swing at me again. swing at me again. i can record anything i want on public property. >> during the commotion, one of the guys in the apparent drug deal allegedly swipes the money from the woman sitting in the wheelchair and took off. [ bleep ] >> give me my money back! >> oh. >> she starts complaining that her money is gone, and now phoenix is trying to handle two situations. >> if you press charges, i'll catch him. >> i'll press charges right now. >> was that money from ill-gotten gain? do you really need to help this woman? >> you know, that is kind of the conundrum there. >> this guy reached down and swiped all their cash. the lady who said she'd press charges and it's her money, he swiped it and walked away, and i have it on video. >> we did talk to seattle pd. they confirmed that the bicycle officers are in fact seattle pd officers and say they have, as
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in other felix jones cases, we encourage all residents of seattle to observe, be a good witness, call 911 and do not get yourself involved in any kind of situation and become a victim as well. >> but it is good that he didn't take matters into his own hands and he did let cops deal with it. >> there was a report written. no charges filed. no arrests made. [ bleep ]. >> give me my money back! ready, set, make like crazy and hit the surf! a going home video that will make you smile, next "right this minute." and still to come -- a u.s. soldier left behind and under enemy fire. you can see the chaos. you don't know where the fire's coming from. see the firefight and hear how this one turns out, next. ♪ this is how we do it, this is how we do it ♪ it's a song, a video and --
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>> school is cool. >> yeah, school spirit. school spirit to the max. >> see the story behind one very awesome school, "right this minute."
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another terrifying first-person video of combat -- [ shots ] -- in afghanistan, again uploaded by bunker530. [ shots ] the camera is mounted on the
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helmet of this american soldier. and according to bunker530, this soldier got separated from his troop and ended up in a firefight with only an afghan national army troop in support. listen to his heavy breathing and listen to the fire coming in his direction, and you can see the chaos. you don't know where the fire's coming from. [ shots ] >> did he have any kind of radio contact with anybody? was he able to communicate? >> yeah, listen to this. you'll hear him calling for help. >> i have one problem. i am down on the river, i have no cover! i need my team up here! >> you can hear him say i'm down on the river, i have no cover. i need some help up here. but according to bunker530, in a post below this video, this particular troop is back in safe and home safely, but this video
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was just uploaded a couple days ago. we've seen some really terrifying videos out of afghanistan. this one just sent chills down my spine because you know that this guy's alone, you hear the anguish in his voice. >> i'm down on the river! i have no cover! i need my team up here! >> even though there's a troop drawdown, we need to remember that we still have soldiers serving in harm's way facing this on a daily basis. [ shots ] tim hatter is an advertising photographer and he created this series of photos called "water woods." >> what is that? >> those are wigs made out of water! >> i want a water wig. >> isn't that cool? >> is this like a digital creation, like a photo-shop kind of thing, or did he, like, smash water balloons on these guys' heads? >> he did splash water on their heads. >> that looks like a turban. >> the mohawk, i have to say, is my favorite one, because i'm
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sure it was really difficult to accomplish. >> it's an aquahawk. >> if you could wear a water wig around all day every single day, you'd be the coolest human to walk around. >> especially on a really hot day? >> mm-hmm. >> this one looks like a full head of hair. >> or a jellyfish sat on his head. you know what it looks like? mush mouth of "fat albert," you know, the one with the -- >> tell us a little bit more about these mind-boggling photographs. we have tim patter, the photographer, here "right this minute." >> all right, tim, so how did you do this? >> we did drop balloons from a ladder on to people's heads. what's actually happening is that the plastic around the balloon or the rubber around the balloon is exploding faster than the water is losing shape. >> it seems like the guys are all dry when this is happening. did you have to, like, have a big towel budget to dry them off every time there was a mistake? >> yes. we ran quite a few towels, and
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that was part of the concept to keep them completely clean so that there was this stark contrast between the skin and the water. >> so, tim, on the mohawk one, for example, would that be a long water balloon resting on the guy's head and then you pop it at the right moment? >> yep, yep. that was a long, skinny balloon, pops at just the right moment. >> if there's a water balloon popping on their head, how are they not flinching? >> great subjects make great photographs. >> this campaign you did with the water wigs seems to be getting a lot of attention. are you surprised by that? >> i am surprised by it. i'm honored and humbled by it. some of the projects we do require, you know, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of production in order to make a single image. and here, i think i spent $300 making this project, and that was all in balloons and water. >> i think the next series should be, like vodka veils, maybe beer hats and wine wigs. just try, try it off. >> i can hear kids at school what does your dad do? he plays with water balloons.
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gamers, get ready, because "street fighter 2" is coming to life. >> now you can, in real life, throw fireballs at your opponent. >> it's like dance, dance revolution with flames. >> no. >> see what it is like "right this minute." ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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♪ [ folksy whistling ] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ] i like to think that everybody has a special talent to share with the world. ♪
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♪ >> he's playing mozart! >> he is playing mozart, gail, and he's doing it on bottles filled with different levels of water. ♪ >> my favorite part of this whole video is how enthusiastic this guy is. he knows he's discovered his talent. >> you know what i like? i like that he's taking the formality out of the symphony. it's so high-brow, so snooting. he's got on some jeans and some tennis shoes. >> it's fascinating that he's able to make the sound he wants, to figure out how much water he needs in each one to get the sound he wants, and that's pretty cool. ♪ if you were a gamer in the early '90, you played "street fighter 2," that game you got to put your wrists together and throw fireballs at each other.
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look, we've got an arcade right there of "street fighter 2" in our studio. that's how popular this game was. this is the real-life version of "street fighter," "burning man," streeted by seth hardy. so, now you can in real life throw fireballs at your opponent. you see the two gamers on either side re-enacting the game moves from the characters in the game! >> it's like dance, dance revolution with flames. >> no. this is "street fighter"! "street fighter"! this rersion is called "super street fire." >> this is real fire and real people, so what's going on here? >> they are very safe. what happens is each player has sell romters oni] their wrist, d when they throw a move, it ignites the little pyrotechnics. one gets small and as it goes across, it erupts into a giant fireball, just the illusion that you get to throw the moves at each other. and the bigger combination you
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do, the bigger fireball it makes tp as an art installation. >> that makes more sense when you say it's an art installation project. this isn't just random people waiting in line to throw fire at each other. >> yes, they are waiting in line. >> but they're not really throwing fire at each other. it's like a dance. when they move, it's fire -- it's like a show, a vegas show. >> you're right, except it's not. it's a recreation of a really popular video game. >> if you did this in vegas, it would be call "street super firefighter vegas show." >> you know, that's -- goodnight, everybody! goodnight. ♪ the students at orr elementary school in washington, d.c., want you to know their school is awesome and they have a video to prove it. ♪ this is how we do it, this is how we do it ♪ ♪ go, go, doe ♪ this is how we do it, this is how we do it ♪ ♪ go, go, go
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♪ school is awesome, i feel so awesome, teachers are awesome ♪ >> this school is cool. >> yeah, school spirit. >> i like it. >> school spirit to the max. baby, i hear you singing this for the next three days straight. >> this is your kind of stuff, yeah. >> real, real soon. ♪ yeah, up in the morning, i'm ready for school because when i get there, there's lots to do ♪ ♪ yeah, school is so awesome and it's so much more ♪ >> so, i called the school's principal, michelle edwards, and said what's this about? this is really cute. and they're not singing about cars and honies, of course. and they said they wanted to dispel stereotypes about students in impoverished district. they say they have the highest unemployment rate in the county in that nation and the students say we learn about math and foreign languages and they wanted the world to know even though they come from a poor area, their school is awesome. ♪
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♪ glee club, drama and math >> i think they said ski club! >> i want to go back to school. >> i want to learn these moves. ♪ that's our show, everybody. thanks for joining us! we'll see you next time. ♪ we are number one ♪ we do our best each and every time ♪ ♪ now, first things first, must follow the rules, no bullying, no disrespect ♪ ♪ we have teaching staff, students [ fingers tapping ]
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